- Turbine and Generator Services
- Gas Turbine Outage Maintenance
- Combustion Inspection
- Hot Gas Path Inspection
- Major Overhaul
- Steam Turbine Outage Maintenance
- Minor Inspection
- Major Overhaul
- Generator Outage Maintenance
- Bearing Inspection
- Remove and Install Rotor
- Rotating Equipment Maintenance
- Gas & Steam Turbine O&M Consulting
- Steel Fabrication 

- Substation Design & Drawing
- Design System Grounding
- Fault Analysis & Investigation
- Relay Coordination
- Consultant
- Customize Training Couse

Customer training is an important element within Turbine
Services range of integrated turbomachinery products and services.
Together with our joint venture companies we have delivered
training to over 1,000 engineering personal, educating and
enhancing the technical skills of our customers plant operators.
Training programs are available to suit operational, mechanical,
electrical and instrumentation disciplines covering function such as
inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting. These are
complemented by classroom tuition and hands-on training. Modular
courses are available to offer flexibility in course content:
- Introduction to Power Plant
- Gas and Steam Turbine Operations and Maintenance
- Combined Cycle Power Plant
- Bearing in Turbine and Generators
- Shaft Alignment
- Power Plant Safety
- Generator Control and Maintenance
- Gas Turbine Control System
- Power System Protection

- Temp Element
- Temp Transmitter
- Temp Gauge
- Pressure Gauge
- Pressure Transmitter
- Pressure Switch
- Flow Transmitter
- Level Transmitter
- Level Switch
- Vibration Sensor
- Vibration Monitor
- Key phasor Sensor
- Speed Sensor
- Speed Indicator

Power / Distribution Transformer
Power Circuit Breaker
Switchgear / MDB / ACB
 Instrument Transformer ( CT, PT, CCVT )
 Motor & Control System
 Battery & Battery Charger
 Grounding System
 Protective Relay
 Power Cable
 Generator Excitation System
Generator Instrument Calibration
Lifting Equipment Test(new)


Gas and Steam Turbine Overhaul

JHM Controls offers, overhaul engineers offering knowledgeable advice, experience of commercial operation, and an ex-stock supply of necessary components and rotating parts, ensure a committed response in returning users equipment to commercial operation as fast as possible with appropriate documentation and reports.
• Pre–stripdown balance and inspection
• Rotor & Stator disassembly
• NDT facilities • Individual blade and wheel coating
• Latest coating technologies
• Individual wheel balancing
• Rotor & Stator re-blade
• Rotor & Stator reassembly
• Rotor & Stator balance and run-outs
• Rotor & Stator storage containers
• Comprehensive customer reports


Engineering Service

JHM Controls employ a wide range of experienced gas and steam turbine mechanical, instrumentation and control, commissioning field engineers, technical advisors and project managers. We provide our customers with expert personnel to undertake and deliver both on-site and remote engineering services, meeting their needs for planned and unplanned plant maintenance. JHM Controls & engineering services


Field Support

JHM Controls & engineering services include:
• Scheduled outages (e.g. CI, HGPI & MI)
• Unscheduled outages
• Comprehensive QHSE programs
• Site management
• Control systems and retrofits
• Electrical engineering
• Fuel conversions
• Technical support
• Generator overhauls
• Plant commissioning
• Plant upgrades
• Control retrofits
• Plant relocation
• Contractual maintenance agreements
• Auxiliary plant services
• Condition monitoring and diagnostics

Full Automatic Pull/Tensile Strength/Forcetest Horizontal Hydraulic Servo Testing


Computer Controls 100 Ton Holizontal Hydraulic Tensile Lifting Belts Testing Machine

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